Zaxbys Listens – Take Customer Survey To Receive Offer

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In order to take the survey you’ll need to enter a few pieces of information from your Zaxby’s receipt.

Once you’re done with the survey you’ll get a validation code that you can use to claim the offer.

Click the start button at the top of the page to launch the survey.

Terms of service are available at


Anytime you can claim a free offer for taking just a few minutes out of the day you should jump on the opportunity ASAP. Like they say, the best things in life come free! Anyways, you can start the Zaxbys Listens survey by first entering your survey code.

Once you’ve enter the code you’ll be able to move onto the fun part. Providing honest and accurate feedback about your visit! Good or bad, rest assured that Zaxby’s will use that information to help enhance the overall customer experience at their restaurants.

More Notes on the Zaxbys Listens Survey

If you speak Spanish you can easily change the language by clicking the link located at the bottom right side of the survey start page.

TIP: BE HONEST. Wouldn’t you love to see the things that went wrong fixed at your next visit? Or on the flip side, wouldn’t you want to ensure the things Zaxby’s did right continue to happen? That’s what the feedback process is all about! These type of things are amazing for building a strong customer/store relationship.

In addition to the terms, you can also review the privacy policy at


Accessibility Friendly Survey at

So you may be wondering what this is. The answer is quite simple!

If you click this option the font on the screen will become bigger. And thus easier to read. This is a great option for anyone who’s eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be. At least in the close up vision category.


Overall Rating: 3 Slices (Cooling In the Window Sill)

The Zaxbys Listens survey is a slice of pie that we wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of over and over again. While the reward might not be as lucrative as other surveys, it makes up for it by being GUARENTEED.

So take a few minutes to treat yourself right and claim that offer!



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  1. Juice from slaw spilled over into container soaking the bread. French fries tossed over the slaw and some wet from slaw juice. I asked for UNSWEET TEA AND GOT SWEET TEA.
    Chicken fingers were not hot.
    The worst I have ever had from any Zaxbys.


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