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Play the Western Chipmaster BBQ Instant Win Game! 

  • How to play? – You must complete a short survey before playing
  • Alternative entry? – Nope.  The only way to play is online
  • Who can enter? – Residents from all 50 states who are at least 18
  • When can I enter? – All summer long!  Begins May 24th, and ends September 2nd
  • What’s in it for me? – Western BBQ chips and gift cards are available
  • Entry Limits?  This is a classic daily entry sweepstakes
Play to win a bag full of these!

As if the Custom GX Instant Win Game weren’t enough, we’ve got another Instant Win Game to tell you about (maybe we should change our name to Instant Win Game Pie?).  Duraflame has just released a new game where you can play to win a bag of Western BBQ Chips (wood chips not snack chips!).  In order to play, you must visit the online registration page and complete a brief survey.  Once you finish the survey you can move onto the fun part to see if you can win a prize (although surveys are usually pretty fun too).

More on the Western Chipmaster BBQ Instant Win Game

  • The game will award a total of 250 bags of wood chips (worth $15 each)
  • In addition to the chips, there are $10 and $5 Walmart gift cards available
  • There are 102 $10 gift cards available and 816 $5 gift cards available
  • Winners of the wood chips also get a metal box to put them in (for the grill)
  • Sponsor Address:  Duraflame, Inc. P.O. Box 1230 Stockton, CA 95201-1230
  • Winners will receive prizes via email within 6 to 8 weeks of the end of the game

In addition to playing the game, you can also watch some informative videos on how to BBQ using wood chips (might as well just in case you win!).  However, if you already know how just click the link to skip the little tutorial.

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature)

  • The daily entries and 1,000 plus total prizes are the strong points
  • However, the overall value of the prizes are quite low ($5 to $15 each)
  • Just remember: pie served at room temperature is still sweet

By the way, you can review the complete set of rules by clicking the Official Rules link located at the bottom of the entry page.  Additionally, the entry page also includes a set of FAQs regarding the sweepstakes.

Go win those wood chips!  – www.westernchipmaster.com

Here’ the ruleswww.westernchipmaster.com/en-us/Rules

Speaking of BBQ Surveys  – Take the JNN Survey (Jim N’ Nicks BBQ customers)

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