Take the Papa Survey to Claim Your Offer

Take the Papa Survey & Claim Your Offer!



Click the Start button to begin the Papa survey (your offer awaits so don’t let this moment slip!)

But first, you’ll want to know the exact location you visited (take a deep breath and let it come to you!)

Next, go ahead and enter the city, state, and location

Once you’ve enter the location info you’ll need to enter the time and date of the visit

Click the Start button to begin the Papa survey (your offer awaits so don’t let this moment slip!)

Privacy Policy is also available at www.papasurvey.com


Tip of the Day:  Make sure you enter ALL of the information correctly (it doesn’t hurt to double check now and then)


So how was the survey? Was the offer worth the effort? Always let us know your thoughts as we LOVE to hear your feedback.

Did Papa Murphy’s nail it? Or was it just another ho-hum piece of pie? Either way we’d love to know what people think of both Papa Murphy AND the Papa Survey


Other Stuff Available at www.papasurvey.com

  • You can view the survey’s terms and conditions by clicking the links at the bottom of the page
  • Prefer Spanish? Click the espanol link to switch the language
  • Need an accessibility friendly version? don’t worry there’s a link at the top for that


Finally, you can easily punch in the time and day without too much hassle by using the calendar feature shown in the entry fields. A point and a click sure beats typing the stuff in manually!


Overall Review of the Papa Survey:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window Sill)

Anytime you get a GUARANTEED reward for taking a survey you have to be pleased.

The user-friendliness of the survey’s calendar and accessibility features brings this one up to the 3 point range.

Sure we’d like a BIGGER reward and if Papa Murphy’s took things up a notch we’d have at this at 4 slices all day long.


Before you go!  Why not have another slice??

Take the Talk to Martins Survey



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