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On The Run Stores Feedback Survey



We all know how On The Run loves to get’s its customer in, out, and on their way. Preferably with a smile on their faces! Anyways, it seems the same great customer-first mindset is applied to the store’s satisfaction survey at www.ontherunstoresfeedback.com.

For instance, All you’ll need to begin the survey is a few bits of information from your receipt. Once you locate the info just type it in and BAM, you’re on your way. Here’s how to begin.


Launching the Survey at www.ontherunstoresfeedback.com

  1. Enter the amount you spent on your purchase in the first field
  2. Use the drop down box to confirm the date of your visit
  3. Confirm the time of the visit (also located on the receipt)
  4. Finally, enter the store number before hitting the Start button




By the way, you can also complete the On The Run Stores Feedback survey without a receipt. In order to do so, just click the link at he top of the page. Once the new page appears you’ll just need to enter your country, location, date of visit, time of visit, and the amount of your purchase. Seems EASY if you’re asking us!

In addition to English, the survey is also available for French speaking customer. Simply click the link at the bottom of the page to pull up the French version.


On The Run Stores Feedback Survey: Additional Information 

  • Need to view survey’s Privacy Policy? Go ahead and smash the link located at the bottom of the first page.
  • Or is it the Terms of Service you’re after? Yep there’s a link for that too (if reading over stuff like that is your bag).
  • Last but not least you can view the rules of the sweepstakes by clicking the link at www.ontherunstoresfeedback.com.


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