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The Reese’s Lovers Sweepstakes Is Finally Here!

  • Entry Limits?  Yes, but you can still enter multiple times (1 per day)
  • Alternative entry?  Yep, send a text to receive an entry form in reply
  • Who can enter? – Residents from all 50 states who are at least 18 (DC included)
  • What’s in it for me? – A big ole’ box of Reese’s KING SIZE candy bars
  • When can I enter? – You have until July 2nd, 2019 to enter the sweepstakes
Just looking at the logo makes us hungry!

Having 384 King Size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup bars all to yourself may sound like a pie in the sky fantasy (hopefully it’s a sweepstakes pie!).   However, you may need to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming if you end up winning the latest sweepstakes from Reese’s.  The “Reese’s Lovers” Sweepstakes is now open and will be awarding 25 incredibility lucky folks a year’s worth of Reese’s (384 King Size bars).

Can’t wait to prove my Reese’s love and enter!  What else?

  • The first 2 entry periods of the sweepstakes will award 2 prizes each
  • Meanwhile, entry periods 3 through 9 will award 3 prizes each
  • Please note your entry DOES NOT carry over across entry periods
  • You can read the Official Rules here: myreeseslove.com/en-us/Rules
  • The value of all 25 Grand Prizes is nearly $20,000! ($19,125 to be precise)
  • If you win you’ll get a notice at the email address you provided at entry

Once the sweepstakes is over, a list of the prize winners will become available (for those interested in such things).  In order to get a copy of this list you must send a request to PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 no later than September 3rd, 2019.  Additionally, you can contact the Sponsor of the sweepstakes by writing to 100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 (The Hersey Company).

Overall Freshness Rating:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window Sill)

  • Any sweepstakes that offers a year’s worth of Reese’s starts off at “3 slices”
  • The fact that you can enter once per day over several entry periods is nice
  • However, it’s rare to see a sweeps valued less than $100k earn the elusive “4th slice”

By the way, to enter you must first confirm your date of birth before choosing your favorite Reese’s flavor and filling out the entry form.  If you would like an entry form sent via text you can send REESES to short code 604333.

Now go win those Reese’s!www.MyReesesLove.com

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