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“Let Us” Hear Your Lettuce Wrap Ideas!

  • How do I enter? – Start by using your email address to sign up
  • Then what?? – Submit an idea for the next P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wrap
  • When can I enter?  Anytime before the July 30th, 2019 deadline
  • Who can join?  Gotta be at least 18 and a U.S. resident
  • Exclusions? AK and HI residents and employees of P.F. Chang’s to name a few
  • How many times can I enter?  1 entry per day per person

It’s hard to beat the level of participant engagement offered by P.F. Chang’s new Freestyle Lettuce Wrap Contest.  In order to joint the fun, you must first submit your very own idea for a new P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wrap.  Once all the ideas are in, the contest will judge them and reveal 10 finalists.  Next, it’s up to YOU to decide which idea wins the $25,000 Grand Prize.

Your idea could be featured here!

More on the P.F. Chang’s Freestyle Lettuce Wrap Contest

  • 7 contest finalists will receive a $100 gift card to P.F. Chang’s
  • 3 of the finalists will be flown to Las Vegas for a live cook off
  • The winner of the cook will receive the $25,000 Grand Prize
  • Sponsor: P.F. Chang’s 8377 E Hartford Drive, 2nd Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
  • You can click at the bottom of the entry page to view the rules
  • The total value of all prizes available in the promotion comes to $49,900

By the way, we should mention that this promotion also includes a SWEEPSTAKES!  You can join the sweepstakes simply by casting a vote for the 10 finalists between August 10th and August 19th, 2019.  Once you submitted your vote you’ll receive 1 entry to win a trip to VEGAS!

Overall Freshness Rating:  4 Slices (Fresh Out the Oven)

  • You can’t put a price on the fun of a LIVE COOK OFF!
  • The rare contest/sweepstakes combo is a sight for sore eyes
  • Daily chances to enter are the icing on the cake

Finally, it should be mentioned that the 10 finalists will be contacted around August 20th, 2019.  Therefore, if you submit an idea you might want to circle this date on your kitchen calendar.

Ready to brainstorm? – www.lettucewraps.com

More fun is around the corner!

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