Take Kids Foot Locker “KFL Pulse” Customer Survey


Wanna save 10 bucks? Then get started with your survey!

Save $10 with the KFL Pulse Survey

First, go grab your receipt and find the 24 digit code (dig it out of the trash if need be!).

Next, go to the online survey at www.kflpulse.com and enter the code in the blank entry fields.

Can’t find your survey code?  Just take a look at that little receipt shown at the left hand side of the survey.

Once your finished telling Kids Foot Locker how your visit was, you’ll get yet ANOTHER code.

The second code is the key to your $10 in saving so make sure to WRITE IT DOWN.

Tip of the Day:  Make sure you enter the receipt code correctly (in other words double check your work).

Now that you know how to get your $10 savings, maybe it’s time to think about what you save on.  A good pair of high tops might be good for the winter months!  No?  Maybe there’s a nice jacket in store.  Keep your eyes peeled!

More on the KFL Pulse Survey

  • By the way, just to be clear, you need to write the validation code on your receipt
  • Once you write the code on the receipt it basically morphs into a $10 off coupon
  • Bring the receipt to your next Kids Foot Locker visit for the $10 off
  • One more thing, ya gotta buy at least $50 in goods to get the $10 savings

Finally, you can launch the survey in 4 different languages.  In order to switch languages, you’ll need to navigate back to survey home page at www.kflpulse.com and change your selection.

Overall Review of the KFL Pulse Survey:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window Sill)

Anytime you get a GUARANTEED reward it’s worth at least 2 slices!

The user-friendliness of the survey brings this one up to the 3 point range.

The potential for a bigger reward is the only thing holding it back from the elusive “4 Slice” territory.


Before you go!  Why not have another slice??

Take the My Live Experience SMG Survey



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  1. I really enjoyed shopping in the store at the Glendale Galeria.. I was helped by Victoria R. I must say she was very polite & helpful. She informed me regarding all the sales & discounts. I really appreciate it being a mom of 4 that was very helpful. Thank you Victoria.

  2. I went looking for some shoes for my son & I actually found them here at the mall. I really appreciate the service I got from the worker Jose Miguel. Its always good to be treated right.


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