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FL Pulse $10 Coupon Promotion




You’ll receive a $10 off coupon once you complete the survey.

Grab your purchase receipt before you get started with the survey.

Confirm your language at www.flpulse.com to get started.


Let’s face it, everyone likes to feel valued as a customer. Safe to say Foot Locker is showing it’s customer just how much they matter by allowing them to take advantage of the store’s $10 off promotion.

In order to receive your coupon you’ll first need to take the FL Pulse survey. Don’t fret, it’s about as easy 1,2,3. Or a,b,c. Whichever you prefer.

Now let’s take a not so deep dive into this promotion!


Steps For Taking the Survey at  www.flpulse.com


  1. Upon arrival at the survey you’ll first need to choose a language
  2. Next, enter the code located on your Foot Locker purchase receipt
  3. Once you’ve entered the code click the Next button to begin the survey
  4. Answer all of the questions to receive the $10 off coupon


Quick Advice: Don’t hold back! It’s important for retailers to know EXACTLY how your visit went. If something went wrong let them know! Great visit? Make sure they know want went well.


By the way, you can reference the Foot Locker receipt posted at the FL Pulse survey if you’re having trouble with the code. Just hone in on the part of the receipt that is outlined in red. This shows where the code can be located on your Foot Locker receipt. Problem solved!


More Claiming Your Offer at www.flpulse.com

  • Write down your coupon code at the end of the survey (required to redeem the offer)
  • Hoping for a double dip? Sorry, no other discount or multiple item offers apply!
  • You’ll need to spend at least $50 to receive $10 off at your next Foot Locker visit

And there you have it folks. A super easy way to save a few bucks next time you’re buying a sweet pair of kicks from Foot Locker. In addition to taking the survey you can also review the Privacy Policy at www.flpulse.com.


FL Pulse Survey Overall Rating: 3 Slices (Cooling In the Window Sill)


This is not a maybe you’ll win something promotion. It’s GUARENTEED savings. As long as you’re willing to spend $50 at your next visit that is. Something that’s quite easy to accomplish with the prices of shoes nowadays.

At any rate, the $10 incentive easily warrants a 3 Slice rating. Additionally, the no-hassle process for claiming the offer is a refreshing change of pace. The only thing stopping this from being a 4-Slicer is the fact that you have to write down your coupon code. Ugh.

32 thoughts on “FL Pulse Survey – Take Foot Locker Customer Survey”

  1. While shopping at foot locker on 69th and Ashland I would say their employees Marcus and Danielle have very good customer service. I will go back and shop again.

  2. Hi there, I’m needing you know that this store is the best of the best! Place to go for anything and everything you need! The works will have you feeling like your family! And WOW the prices, how much money I’m saving! I just can’t believe it, that’s why I’m telling anyone and everyone about to go and do your shopping at this store! And when you do you won’t go anyplace else again!

  3. Hi there, I’m needing to let you and everyone know. That this store is a blessing, the MONEY I save is a BOMB! I’m telling anyone and everyone about this store. And they all thank me dearly, wishing they knew about this store sooner!

  4. Hi there, ever since I started shopping with you. I won’t go anywhere else! I’m telling anyone and everyone else about the place and the prices. They are thankful for telling them. And they go on telling others about it also!

  5. Everyone was helpful towards my purchase even to the cashier danish who kept a smile on through the completion of the purchase.great job and will be coming back to purchase more things

  6. Very good hospitality and great service and greet you when you come in the door and great service they get a 10 star rating keep up the good work

  7. I had a wonderful experience on December 20, 2022. This is not the first time I visited this store in Easton Mall and I always have a very good experience. This particular time I was helped immensely by ANGELO, aka “Jello”, BRI, and KENZI. They all were super helpful with finding the things that I needed and had such GREAT attitudes. I really appreciate it when young people are gracious, friendly, and helpful in this day and age. As a retired Columbus City School teacher, and seeing how the youth of today are “changing”, I really appreciate when I see young people who are absolutely respectful and are courteous while they’re working. Your company should be very proud of all three of them!!!!

  8. Surprised to receive such professional and courteous service from most of the associates. Trinity G. @ the Aventura mall location in Miami,FL was very patient, built report and went out her way to ensure that I was able to order the shoes desired for my daughter. I can’t recall ever receiving such a welcome at Footlocker. She definitely made me feel like my purchase was important and appreciated. Thank you so much Trinity aka ‘Trin’.

  9. The service was great and everyone was very helpful for my son and I too! I had an exchange without a receipt, and the team members were able to accommodate me. They were all very welcoming and professional too! Keep up the good work! I already have been back to make another purchase, and I will continue to do so!

  10. No Complaints! Only Compliments! Please Allow Me to Give Praise to Your Great Employees: Franco, Gen Mgr. Bria Manager, Chelsea Manager & Dylan for Excellent Customer Service Provided Today. The Impressive Fantastic Four Has a Caring Approach and are True Professionals. It’s Mandatory That I Recognize Such a Great Essential Workers for Remarkable Efforts During My Recent Visit at “FOOT LOCKER” Union NJ. The Amazing Franco, Bria, Chelsea & Dylan Constantly Gives Such a Warm Pleasant Welcome & Their Mannerism Is Grand! The Fantastic Four Shows EMPATHY in All They Do for The Customers & Sometimes That’s Rare to Receive. Their SKILLS Are Something to Be Noticed by Upper Management & Corporate Offices. Franco, Bria, Chelsea & Dylan Is 4 OF “FOOT LOCKER’S BLESSINGS & QUICKLY THE PHENOMENAL EMPLOYEES IDENTFIES THE NEED/ISSUES & WITH THEIR KIND COURSTEOUSNESS-HANDLES IT ACCORDINGLY-KUDOS TO FANTASTIC FOUR! 😊😊

    I Received Superb Assistance & It Was Deeply Appreciated!
    It’s No Surprise That *FOOT LOCKER * Has Established Such a Wonderful Reputation in Your Business Because Of The GEMS on Board! I Was HIGHLY SATISFIED!

    Many Thanks! To FRANCO, BRIA, CHELSEA & DYLAN for Giving Me:
    Loyal Customer, Diana


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