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Take the Feedback Radio-Rentals Survey

  • Do I need my receipt?  Receipt info isn’t needed to begin the survey
  • What languages are available?  Looks like English is the only option
  • Is the survey online?  Yep.
  • Terms & Privacy Policy provided?  Yes, check out the bottom of the survey
  • What do I get for my feedback?  – A chance at a $200 gift card!
  • How long will it take? – Just a few minutes!
Radio Rentals wants YOUR feedback!

Who couldn’t use an extra $200?  If you’re a Radio Rentals  customer and you’re having a hard time answering this question, you may be interested in the store’s online survey.  In order to begin, just click the red button to begin  Once you’re finished you’ll receive a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card (not a bad deal for just a few minutes of work!).

A Look at Radio Rentals

  • Began in 1937 as a single store off Market St. in Sydney, Australia
  • Currently, the store has ballooned to over 60 locations across the country
  • The top rental company in Australia for appliances, furniture, and technology
  • If you rent something be sure to have your first months payment ready at delivery
  • Questions for Radio Rental?  Call the customer support line at 1300 600 650

By the way, you can check out the Feedback Radio-Rentals Survey’s Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy by clicking one of the links located at the bottom of the page.  Additionally, the bottom of the survey also includes a progress bar that let’s you know how far along you are.

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature)

  • This appears to be an ongoing survey (we love staying power)
  • In the land of survey draws, $200 is a decent little prize

When’s the last time you’ve won a prize after taking a survey?  Still waiting on your first win?  Let us know how lucky (or unlucky) you’ve been in the comments below!

Take the survey!www.feedback.radio-rentals.com.au

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