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The Frigo Cheeseheads Snack of Summer Fun Sweepstakes 

  • How can I get in? – Complete the online registration form
  • When can I enter? – You have a 3 month window from June through August
  • Who can enter? – Your good if you’re in the U.S. and are at least 18 AND the age of majority
  • What can I win? – Some sweet play sets from Little Tikes
  • Multiple entries?  Oh yea!  Enter it once per day if you feel like it
Wouldn’t one of these look absolutely stunning in YOUR backyard?

The carousel of summer-themed sweepstakes continues!  Fresh off the heels of the Coke Play to Win Summer Fun and Monster Hydro AVP promotions comes the Frigo Cheeseheads Snack of Summer Fun Sweepstakes (or just call it FCH Summer Fun).  If you want to enter just go to the registration page and type in your email address to start the form.  Once you’re done with the entry form you’ll get 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  

Checking the Ingredients……

  • There will be 8 Grand Prizes awarded in this sweepstakes
  • Each Grand Prize includes a Little Tikes swing set and picnic table
  • Sorry, there does not appear to be any consolation prizes
  • You can find all 8 prize drawing dates within the rules
  • Here’s the rules: www.fchsummerfun.com/OfficalRules
  • The total ARV of all 8 Grand Prizes comes to $4,759.84
  • Sponsor:  Saputo Cheese – One Overlook Point, Suite 300,
    Lincolnshire Corporate Center, Lincolnshire, IL 60069

If you end up coming away with one of the prizes you’ll receive notice within 10 days of the drawing (so check the contact methods you filled out in the form).  Please note that you’ll forfeit your prize if you don’t respond within 3 days of receiving the notice (we’d hate to see your prize go to someone else!).

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature)

  • The length of the sweepstakes and daily entries are a plus
  • Overall prize value of less than $5,000 is a bit weak
  • The prizes may not be for everyone (they look fun but they’re kind of an eye sore)

By the way, if you like this sweepstakes you can share it on social media by clicking the icons located at the bottom of the registration page.  Additionally, the registration page includes a contact link for email correspondence.

Time to eat!  – www.fchsummerfun.com

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