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Cavender’s Feedback SMG Survey

  • Do I need my receipt?  Yes!  Data from your receipt will be needed
  • What languages are available?  Both English and Spanish
  • Where can I take the survey?  The survey is available online
  • Terms & Privacy Policy provided?  Yes
  • What do I get?  – ????????????????

It’s been a while since we’ve served a slice of “survey pie” so let’s change that.  Today we’ll take a look at Cavender’s online customer feedback survey.  In order to launch the survey, you must first go ahead and enter the time of visit, date of visit, and store number at www.cavendersfeedback.smg.com (all are located on your receipt).  Once you’ve enter the required information you can proceed with the survey by clicking the Next button.

A Look at Cavender’s

  • The  store start started out in 1965 in the town of Pittsburg (the one in east Texas)
  • At Cavender’s you can find a variety of items like shirts, jeans, and of course BOOTS!
  • There are more than 75 Cavender’s locations across the Midwest and South
  • States with locations include MO, OK, TX, CO, NM, AL, AR, LA, MS, NE, and KS

By the way, if you want to launch the survey in Spanish, click the link located below the data entry fields.  Once you’ve clicked the link the screen will INSTANTLY change from English to Spanish.  Need to change it back?  Just click it again.

Overall Freshness Rating:  Incomplete!

  • We’re never afraid to hand out a rating but we haven’t been able to confirm the incentive
  • What we CAN say for certain is that we’re BIG fans of the store (especially their hats!)

Have you been to Cavender’s lately?  Do you know what the incentive is for this survey?  Is it a special offer?  Do you get entered into a sweepstakes? If you can help us with these perplexing questions drop us a line in the comments below!

Take the survey!www.cavendersfeedback.smg.com

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