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Break for Kit Kat!

  • How do I enter? – Go online and fill out a form!
  • When can I enter?  It’s open now through the end of the year
  • Daily entries?  Yep!  1 per day per person
  • What are the prizes? A year’s worth of Kit Kat bars
  • Do I need to purchase something?  Nope
  • Alternative entry?  YES! Text KITKAT to short code 604333

Anyone want a year’s worth of Kit Kats?  We thought so.  If you wish to make this chocolaty fantasy a reality, you should consider taking part in the Kit Kat and Coffee Sweepstakes. In order to begin an entry, go to the online registration page and confirm your date of birth.  Next, fill out a brief registration form to receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.

More on the Kit Kat and Coffee Sweepstakes

  • Here’s a copy of the Official Rules:  www.breakforkitkat.com/en-us/Rules
  • The sweepstakes will award prizes (all of them are Kit Kats for a year)
  • The prize comes with a total of 396 bars (that’s over a bar a day!)
  • 3 lucky folks will be chosen as winners for each week of the sweepstakes
  • Total Approximate Retail Value of all the prizes comes to $27,216
  • Sponsor:  Hershey Company – 100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey, PA, 17033

By the way, the bars that come in the prize packages are regular size (although it’d be nice if they were KING SIZE!).  Additionally, each prizes has an individual value of approximately $432.

Finally, we should clarify that you can find out who the winners are (if you feel the urge to live vicariously through them).  To do so, send a request for the Winner’s List to PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 (must be in by March 2nd, 2020).

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Online Entry – www.breakforkitkat.com

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