Win a 2019 Off Road Vehicle in the Roxor Top Five Sweeps

  • Who can enter? – The contest is open only to those who are at least 18
  • Exclusions?  Yes.  California residents are not eligible to enter
  • What’s in it for me? – The winner will get a 2019 Roxor off-road vehicle
  • When can I enter? – The entry period is from March 26th, 2019 to June 30th

Someone’s about to have some serious off-roading fun.  The Roxor Top Five Sweepstakes is now accepting entries for a chance to win a 2019 Roxor off road vehicle.  In order to enter, participants must go to and pick their top 5 favorite accessories (now the name makes sense!).  Once the participant picks their accessories they can submit the entry form to finalize registration.

More on the Roxor Top Five Sweepstakes

  • Participants must agree to the rules (a common sweepstakes requirement)
  • There is only 1 entry per person (sorry this is not a daily entry sweeps)
  • The sweepstakes will decide the winner around July 8th, 2019
  • Whoever wins will receive notice by phone or by email
  • The Roxor off road vehicle is the ONLY prize available
  • Mahindra Automotive North America, 275 Rex Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
  • Participants must agree to the rules (a common sweepstakes requirement)

Speaking of rules, those who want to know exactly what they’ll be agreeing to can find out by clicking the Official Rules link located beneath the entry form.  Meanwhile, the boxes below the Official Rules link can be checked to sign up to receive information from Roxor.

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature)

  • The 1 overall entry limit leaves room for improvement
  • Only 1 prize leaves much to be desired
  • At least the lone prize is good one (worth over $20,000!)

Those who want to find out the value of the available accessories for the off-road vehicle can do so by scrolling to the end of the Official Rules (might as well make max out the value of the prize by selecting the most expensive options!).  Additionally, participants can review photos of each accessory directly from the entry page.


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