WIN £500! Waitrose Have Your Say Customer Survey Draw

  • Two different survey types are available
  • Completion earns entry to a prize draw
  • Terms & Conditions can be reviewed

Sometimes the process of entering a prize draw takes a bit of preliminary work.  For instance, those who are interested in winning £500 in the Waitrose Have Your Say survey draw will first need to answer a few questions.  The feedback process can be initiated by selecting the type of survey to participate in (choose between an in-store experience or a pick up/delivery).  Once one of the two survey options have been selected a new screen will appear where the feedback can be commenced.  After the survey has been successfully completed the opportunity to enter the draw will be presented.  Participants who would like to take a look at the Terms & Conditions of the prize draw can do so by clicking the link posted at the bottom right side of the survey.

Waitrose Have Your Say Survey Draw:  Another Bite

  • The £500 is distributed as vouchers good at Waitrose or John Lewis
  • Must be a British Isles resident and at least 18 years old to participate
  • Winners will be contacted within 14 days of each of the prize draws
  • Prizes can be picked up at a Waitrose branch or sent through post

In addition to the Terms & Conditions a copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy can also be reviewed at  Those who are wondering how much longer the feedback process will last can get a fairly good idea by checking out the progress bar posted at the top of the survey.  Please note that previously answered questions can be revisited at any time by clicking the Back button located at the bottom of the page (a chance to win £500 is deserving of some accurate answers!)

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature)

  • The continuous nature of the monthly draw provides staying power
  • Does a great job at creating participant engagement through the survey
  • The lone £500 prize is a relatively low value compared to other contests
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It should be pointed out that the Wait Rose Have Your Say survey can be entered without taking the survey by clicking the link provided within the Terms & Conditions (surveys are usually pretty fun so consider providing some helpful feedback).  In the event a winner does not claim a prize within 14 days of receiving notice it may be awarded to another participant.

Waitrose Have Your Say Survey Draw Promoter

  • John Lewis Partnership
  • 171 Victoria Street
  • London SW1E 5NN


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32 Replies to “WIN £500! Waitrose Have Your Say Customer Survey Draw”

  1. Having used a self service checkout, and having returned to my car, discovered that I had not noticed a large chunk of cheddar cheese under my handbag which I had not paid for. I returned to the help desk and explained to the lovely lady who had already helped me choose my Christmas turkey what had happened. She thanked me, clicked away on her computer, gave me back the cheese and said it was on the house because I had been so honest but it was the obvious thing to do and I was very touched

  2. I have receive great service today, everyone was very helpful , Waitrose is my kind of Store. Thank You So much .

  3. Thank you staff at the Bath store for searching for two Christmas items for me you were so helpful and happy to be of service . A credit to Waitrose !!!

  4. I have been shopping in Waitrose Haywards Heath since the day it opened. The first day I struggled and was finally helped by Alex on Customer Services. If I ever have a problem now I ask Alex if she is on duty. I went in to do my Christmas shop buying things I don’t normally buy. I felt somewhat lost, but hope I have remembered everything. When I had nearly finished along came Alex. She gave me a Gluten Free Cake ( Fancy remembering I am Coeliac) and bag. I was so overwhelmed (feeling down) that I gave her a hug, and shed a tear. I have never had an experience like it, and certainly never hugged anyone in a Supermarket before. I still cant get over it. It certainly was customer relations at its best.

  5. Hi I have always received excellent service from my Bury St Edmunds Store. Waitrose is not my closest store but I was originally persuaded to shop there with the offer of a free paper and coffee. Although I have found the prices a little more expensive the service is second to none and my wife I always look out for Margaret at the check out as she is so caring and interested in us. Well done Waitrose!

  6. Waitrose is great ! I have noticed each branch has its own character . I like Twickenham branch best . Good layout & lighting and polite friendly helpful staff which makes shopping pleasurable- Online shopping has no appeal for me . I wonder
    what it is that makes Waitrose different – is it their professional training program ;type of applicants who apply & their selection process ? Perhaps staff just enjoy that “feel -good factor ”working for a company which cares about *quality* not only in the products they choose & sell but the relationship with their customers & staff.

    amongst nice people they seem to smile a lot .

  7. Today we went to Waitrose in Putney Exchange and the till operator was very helpful and good parting wishing us a merry christmas. Waitrose is a good supermarket to shop at ,we some time go to southside in Wandsworth and Kingston as well and we get a very good service.

  8. We have received an excellent service at Waitrose yesterday. The staff were very pleasant and
    helpful. John Lewis and Waitrose are our first choice when we shop for goods or for food.

  9. I called into Waitrose in Camberley this afternoon, as I was visiting my daughter for a few days. I purchased a Christmas tin of Shortbread Stars, at the reduced price of £5. Also some Cookeen fat. I mentioned at the till that the biscuits were half price and was told “yes ok”. It was only when I got home much later I realised I’d been charged for two lots of shortbread, plus the Cookeen, total £11.50. By then the store had closed and I don’t like to go back tomorrow as I have no proof I only purchased one pack of biscuits. I am very disappointed and have lost £5 through an error at the till.

  10. I purchased several items today and when checking the receipt I noticed that 2 items that were labeled as special offer( i.e. buy 2 for a special discounted price) I had been charged the individual price for each item. This was either an error on the checkout computer or someone had not removed the promotional shelf strip. I spoke to the checkout person who quickly got a supervisor and the matter was sorted and I received a refund. The moral of the story is ALWAYS CHECK the bill in store and see you have not been overcharged. It has happened to me more than once.

  11. The driver who delivered my Waitrose order on 17th December was the best I have ever had: polite, helpful, accommodating and deft. He was Ashif Meghjee from London 02.

  12. Had great service today from staff filling shelves, who went out of his way to find a location for goods that had appeared to be sold out. At the checkout the lady was more than helpful with her service to me.

  13. I always find the cashiers very friendly but there is one (and i don’t know her name )is charming and i prefer to wait for her to serve me than go to another till .Ihave been going to the Green st green store since it opened although moving a little further away .Nothing is too much trouble for the staff ,we had a short period when there were not enough tills open but that seems to have been rectified .

  14. I was delighted with the friendly and helpful service received yesterday at your Havant branch where Kathy on the reception desk dealt efficiently and sensitively with a query that I’d raised about my previous bill. As it turned out, it was my error not Waitrose’s yet I was not made to feel anything other than justified in raising my concerns.

  15. I love your new Bagshot store. It has a good selection of fresh food and vegetables. Absolutely love your 3 for £7 meals (especially the beef moussaka ). Long may it continue.

  16. I received excellent service today and every weekend when i do my weekly shop at Waitrose Branch in Chandlers Ford, Hants, when the very helpful Joanne is at the checkout desk. I joke her that copies of her should be made because she is very efficient and thoughtful, she will help me with the packing of my shopping, which i have to say a lot of others do not even offer, she automatically says pass your shopping bags and i will start putting through the check out. She is always very helpful and this makes my shopping experience a pleasant one, as i do spend a lot of money each weekend.

  17. shopping at waitrose tonbridge, the staff are always very helpful, will put themselves out to show you .
    wear the product you require is, store always clean, the restaurant clean, tables are cleared quickly ,
    As I am disabled they always carry my order to my table very cheerful.
    Parking for blue badge always find a space near the entrance.
    Love your 3 for £7 -00 deals.

  18. Good service today- as ever- when I had to return something from my online delivery yesterday. No questions or quibbles – just a prompt replacement. Always such a civilised place to shop and the online delivery service is equally good.

  19. I regularly use my local Waitrose. The staff are friendly and helpful and since renovations are taking place, it’s easier to park there now. Enjoy using self-scanning. It makes shopping so much quicker and easier to pay.

  20. As always the staff serving on bread, fish and meat at Rushden Wautrose were exceptionally efficient while still having time for a friendly word. The personal service reminds me of local shopping years ago. Thankyou Rushden Waitrose staff!

  21. It’s great to have the opportunity of shopping in Waitrose when in the area – the very friendly helpful
    staff – and the wide variety of stock make shopping at Waitrose a pleasure. Thank you one and all.

  22. Hi
    I visit the shop everyday and spend time in the cafe reading my book and having breakfast in there. Such a lovely place and staff.

  23. I have been a loyal customer at Waitrose supermarket for many years and always have found the quality excellent and staff very helpful,but sadly on the 2/2/`19 unknown to me until today,I discovered that I over exceeded my welcome at the Waitrose car park by 20mins ,due to having been selected to have my shop rescanned …. Today I have been presented with a parking fine for £40 .I would understand if I had abused the parking regulations and not used the store,but I had spent a total £133 on a shop and alot more over the years !!Now I have to go through the inconvenience of having to appeal against this parking fee.Waitrose claim there is nothing they can do to help. Feeling very dissatisfied today!!

  24. Sadly I didn’t receive good service today, I ordered a toasted tea cake for my lunch and an Americano coffee, I offered my app to register the purchase, ( as John Lewis are always bombarding me with emails etc) the lady said ‘you can’t have it free’ , I said “I know, but wanted to register the purchase”. I put my phone away! Another cheerful soul brought my toasted tea cake over to the table, (without a knife) and walked away….. I thought Waitrose offered a service? I’ve been treated better in Asda recently, guess that’s where I should head for next time!

  25. Very hot day today so went shopping early.I went with my son who wheeled my chair. I am 89 and we find Waitrose in Formby so helpful. We had breakfast Which as usual served in a courteous way . The shop was cool and fresh , we did are shopping and left as usual feeling that we had been amongst friends.

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