Tell Your Market Customer Survey For Free Special Offer


Visit a Market Store recently? If so you could be eligible to receive a free special offer thanks to the Tell Your Market Survey. In order to see if you’re eligible simply check the purchase receipt from your recent shopping experience. If there’s an invite to the survey at you’re eligible!

In order to get started you’ll need to visit the online survey and enter some information from your receipt. Here’s how.


How to Complete the Tell Your Markey Survey 


  1. First enter the date of your visit exactly as shown on your receipt
  2. Next enter the time of the visit using the drop down boxes provided by the survey
  3. Finally enter the survey code from the receipt and hit begin providing your feedback



Tell Your Market Survey





By the way, there is a sample image of the receipt posted at This is incredibly useful to reference if you’re having trouble finding the survey code or purchase date/time.

In addition to the sample receipt, the Tell Your Market Survey also provides it’s terms and privacy policy. If you wish to review either/or before getting started you’ll see them located at the bottom of the start page.

Once you finish the survey you’ll receive a validation code. Be sure to save this piece of information as you’ll need it to redeem the special offer.


Tell Your Market Survey Final Review


When it comes to getting a free offer there’s not much to complain about. Unless you have to jump through hoops to earn it. That’s not the case with the Tell Your Market Survey as it takes about 2 mins to complete from start to finish. Additionally, the sample receipt takes just about eliminates any room for error as it shows exactly where to locate all of the key information.

The only thing missing from this promotion is the option to change languages from English to Spanish. Otherwise, a solid survey and one worth taking a few minutes out of your day to complete.


Final Rating: 3 slices out of 4 


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