Tell Blaze Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey


Blaze Pizza is now offering customers the opportunity to provide feedback in exchange for a sweet treat. In order to begin the Tell Blaze Pizza survey you’ll first need to enter some basic information about your recent visit at Follow these steps to complete the survey and receive your special offer.


How To Complete the Tell Blaze Pizza Survey

  1. First enter the country, state, and city of the Blaze Pizza you visited
  2. Once you’ve enter the city you’ll be able to select your specific location from the menu
  3. Enter the date you visited along with the time of day (check your receipt for this information)
  4. Answer all of the questions in the Tell Blaze Pizza survey and provide your email address


By the way, you can also change the language of the survey at Additionally, the survey also provides information about its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Since you’ll need to provide your email address to get the treat it’s a good idea to review how your information can be used.


Tell Blaze Pizza Survey Offer Review


The Good

The first thing that jumps out about this offer is the guaranteed reward. An incentive that is something that many surveys don’t offer. For instance, promotions such as the Tell the Bell survey only offer customers a CHANCE at a reward through a sweepstakes. Not Blaze Pizza. As long as you complete the survey and provide an email address you’re coming away with a sweet treat.

The Not So Good

While the guaranteed incentive is nice, the reward could be a bit underwhelming for some customers. Especially those who aren’t big on sweets.


Overall Rating: 3 slices out of 4


About Blaze Pizza


Blaze Pizza is a relatively new fast service restaurant out of California that began selling wood fired pies in 2012. Similar to Chipotle and many sub sandwich chains, Blaze Pizza gives customers the ability to customize their pizza as they walk down a line of different topping options. Also like Chipotle, the brand has grown tremendously since it’s humble beginnnings and now has more than 300 locations in North America.


Blaze Pizza Headquarters Address

  • 5 North Lake Avenue Suite 710 Pasadena, CA 91101




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