Take the Easy “Talk to Giant” Survey & Win a Quick $500!

  • Giant customers can provide feedback on a recent store visit
  • Participants earn entry to a sweepstakes upon survey completion
  • The survey requires a 20 digit PIN located on a store receipt


Some of the most consistent sweepstakes are ones that come attached to a customer feedback survey.  For one thing, these type of sweepstakes seem to be in a perpetual state of activity.  Secondly, they tend to offer some pretty sweet prizes!  For example, the Talk to Giant survey sweepstakes is constantly running and offers a handy $500 store gift card.  Customers who are interested in $500 in free groceries can get started by finding a receipt from a recent visit to the store.  Once the receipt is located, the customer can then enter the 20 digit PIN at www.talktogiant.com to begin the survey.  Upon successful completion of the survey, the participant will receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.

Some Fast Facts on the Talk to Giant Survey Sweepstakes

  • Each participant may enter the sweepstakes up to 5 times per entry period
  • The sweepstakes will award 5 gift cards for each of its separate entry periods
  • Participants may only win 1 prize per entry period (no need to overreach!)
  • Prize winners will receive notice by phone, mail, or email in about 2 days
  • Follows the EXACT same format as the Talk to Martins survey sweeps

In addition to the online feedback entry method, the Talk to Giant survey sweepstakes can also be entered by mail.  In order to do so, participants must write a first name, last name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address on a 3” x 5” card.  Once all of the required information is on the card, the customer can mail it to PO Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610 to receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  Just like the survey entry method, participants may enter up to 5 times by mail per entry period.

Overall Freshness Rating:  2 Slices (Room Temperature) 

  • The ongoing nature of the sweepstakes provides a warm and cozy feeling
  • The FREE mail-in entry method makes entry even more attainable
  • The low prize value keeps this slice of Sweepstakes Pie at room temperature

Participants can request a full copy of the Official Rules by writing to PO Box 10505, Rochester, NY 14610.  Additionally, the same address can be used to request a copy of the Talk to Giant survey sweepstakes’ Winners List.

Talk to Giant Survey Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Giant Food Stores, LLC
  • 1149 Harrisburg Pike
  • Carlisle, PA 17013


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