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  • The winner has the option to choose between two prizes
  • The sweepstakes can be entered after completing a survey
  • Code found on a purchase receipt must be entered to begin

It’s not everyday a sweepstakes allows its winner to choose the type of prize to be received.  However, as rare as it may be, such a contest can now be entered by those who take part in the Cracker Barrel Listens online customer survey.  Upon completion of the survey participants will be presented with the opportunity to sign up for a monthly drawing that will award the winner with a choice between a slick Cracker Barrel rocking chair or a convenient Cracker Barrel gift card.  Those who want in on the action can begin by going to crackerbarrel-listens.com and completing the available online survey.

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A Few Notes on the Survey Process 

  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish (choose a language at the first page)
  • A sample image of a Cracker Barrel Receipt (survey invitation) is available for reference
  • Open ended feedback can be provided towards the latter stages of the survey process
  • Survey progress can be gauged using the bar shown at the very bottom of the page

It should be pointed out the in order to begin the survey it will be necessary to enter the code printed on the receipt received at a recent visit to Cracker Barrel (the code is circled in red in the previously mentioned sample image).  Those who would like to discuss a specific concern can try calling Cracker Barrel customer service at 800-333-9566 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.

Overall Freshness Rating:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window Sill)

In comparison to other sweepstakes, the Cracker Barrel Listens survey sweepstakes falls a little short on the overall value of its available prizes.  However, the option of being able to choose from two different prizes is more than enough to make up for its shortcomings.

Cracker Barrel Customer Service Mailing Address

  • PO Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37087



57 Replies to “Take Cracker Barrel Listens Survey & WIN a Rocking Chair or Gift Card”

  1. Although the atmosphere is friendly, the food good, and the service good, I cannot recommend Cracker Barrel to my friends because of the high level of noise. We were sitting at a table and could not hear conversation from across the table. Cracker Barrel has the highest noise level of any restaurant I’ve ever been in.

    1. How right you are Ms. Cardona. The same noise level is in all of theCB Restaurants I guess. It most definitely is in our CB in Gainesville, FL & at the Ocala, FL CB. It has been like this forever. One would think that sound deadening material could be installed within the beams on the ceiling. I wrote to CB Corp Office about this.Not one answer. I have mentioned this to every Manager in both restaurants we visited but there is nothing they can do. They just say, keep after the CB Corporation with polite letters of our concern.
      I silently laughed to myself… Maybe if enough folks would make a proper complaint about the noise level being way too high making most guests uncomfortable that the folks at the top of the CB Corporation will do something about it, or maybe they are losing guests two at a time or even larger parties. I haven’t reached that LEVEL yet but my wife and I are very close to it.
      Great food, excellent service with an overcrowded Gift Shot area next to the cashier counter which is at the Bottleneck between the Staff registering incoming diners and the end of the Cashier’s counter and at the junction of diners exiting the Dining area.
      One bad scenario comes to mind and I pray this NEVER happens. If there was an emergency exit to be had due to a fire, explosion or other most serious danger a stamped to the Main Entrance would stop at the above mention BOTTLENECK area. I wonder if anyone ever gave this Exiting during an Emergency any thought? Every guest who walks into the restaurant should locate Emergency Exit doors within a few moments of entering any room.

      I do not mean to alarm folks but our safety or life could depend on being able to locate (in darkness) as well as in a smoke filled room, the nearest Emergency Exit.
      Safe & Happy Dining to All…

  2. Horrible service at Cracker Barrel in Weatherford TX again today. One fourth of the seating area was closed. A large crowd was standing around awaiting seating. In our group of five, one was crippled and using a walker, and she was left standing 20 minutes though two large tables at the front were empty and clean, We were told seating was in order of arrival even though those seated ahead of us were groups of 1 to 4 while we waited for the large, unused table at which we were finally seated. Two groups, ours and another one of six were seated at the same time at adjoining tables.. While these 11 people were standing, blocking merchandise and aisles, though our tables were sitting empty 20 minutes, we noticed several groups enter, see the waiting crowd, and exit. After seating, we waited 45 minutes for food. At this time we had been in the store for just over an hour. We noticed several patrons leaving the dining room before they ever received food. Beef sandwich was not available as they “ran out of beef” (this was 11:20) and had sent someone to Burleson (25 miles away) to retrieve some. I suspect your seating policy should be revised as it is obviously costing you customers. This is not the first time part of the restaurant is not being used, and not the first time much of the store area has been basically unavailable to shoppers because it is crowded with people awaiting seating. It happens fairly frequently. Why not greet and seat people, apologizing for the delay, and offering a beverage and some biscuits and cornbread while they wait? Or why not find a manager who keeps an adequate wait and kitchen staff, and an accurate food inventory? Our group eats here regularly, but we are tiring of days such as today. We were in the store one full hour, before we were served food.

    1. Does cracker barrel really listen ?
      I have had the same experience many times at cracker barrel…..another person complained about the highest noise level of any restaurant I couldn’t agree more although I suppose there’s really nothing that can be done about that !

  3. Cracker Barrel is consistent with food quality and service. Cracker Barrel is more than a meal it is an experience, no matter what area of the country that you visit! It is always a welcome home!

  4. We ate at Cracker Barrel today and was disappointed that the carrots and beans no longer have the honey glaze that made them so tasty. My husband and I both commented on it. What’s up ? I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. When you start cutting corners consequences follow

  5. Was at the Victorville CA diner on 10/6/18. Zero stars. First, the 10 minute wait turned into a 50 minute wait when the hostess renamed my husband’s name that his parents gave him. When we asked for a manager, the second time (we later saw him sweeping floors that could not be interrupted ) we were finally taken to a table that had not been cleared. When we were seated, the waitress came, took our order and quickly brought our food. She quickly brought our bill even though we wanted dessert . Bottom line is: even if the food is good but service is this bad, customers will not return. This diner is on restaurant row. Plenty of other options with good food and great service.

  6. My mom, who is not well, and I eat at the Hot Springs, AR. Cracker Barrel around once a week. I want to get her out of the house and let here get exercise while we run around town. Her choice for lunch is Cracker Barrel. The chicken and dumplings are her favorite and never disappoint. CB is one of the few places that she will eat a full meal. Thanks Hot Springs CB! You are a large part of our weekly outings.

  7. We enjoy The Crackerbsrrel. The service was excellent . The food was delicious. We like the country store. The only negative comment is the noise.

  8. The breakfast the 3 in our party got was not good ,everything was cold,the eggs
    The country gravy ,the grits , cold ham my husband ordered .
    My French toast was drowned in fruit topping when I asked it to be on the side
    And the French toast had an burnt taste
    We got an spoonful of scrambled eggs
    The bacon was chewy not crispy
    I willsave my $32.00 an Make breakfast at home,the soft opening in August was so so much better,I will not be going there for breakfast ever again
    I Hope the new cracker barrel in Rocklin ,Ca has such better food then the
    Sacramento loction

  9. We ordered the turkey and dressing. When it came, we only had the turkey and potatoes. They said the dressing liked 5 minutes and they ran out of my green beans. 10 minutes later I get the beans, 20 minutes later the dressing. I asked for gravy for the dressing, but they were out. My food was cold by the time I almost got everything.

  10. We enjoyed going to Crakerbarrel today 🤗 My husband loved the wonderful meat loaf meal and I loved the Haddock meal 🤗 and Thank you for honoring my husband today for his service as a Vet with the free cake with the Flag 🇺🇸on top 👍

  11. visited new store in Wichita ks order food and came to us over cooked and cold. sausage was burnt on one side ,pancakes cold, eggs cold, gravy had not taste, ham no flavor. Every thing we had was bad

  12. Our Thanksgiving meal for 10 ( warm up
    At home ) was more than fabulous ! A friend recommended it and so glad he did. It is definitely on my radar to do again !
    They also had good customer service / sending and confirming emails as well as calling . Pick up was easy and order was correct .
    Yeah Cracker Barrel- you saved the day !

  13. Travel an hour to reach the nearest location in Victorville, CA. While we were seated right away. It took the server (or anyone for that matter) to even acknowledge us or at the very least take our drink order. After 15 minutes of seating, the server came and took our order. When the order was brought to the table it was incorrect. Ordered the pancake with Peach topping and was given apple topping instead. After waiting 5 minutes for the server to pop by again, I advised another server the order was incorrect. Our server came by to confirm. After another 10 minutes, was brought out another order also incorrect, again with apple instead of peach. Finally he acting manager brought out the food and the topping was on the side and guess what…apple again. Finally got a side of the peach topping which was only enough to cover 1 of the pancakes on the plate. Had to request a second side. At the same time all this was going on, my husband had to ask for his salad dressing 3 times before it was brought to him. Poor service…especially in the kitchen getting the order wrong repeatedly. Very disappointed.

  14. We have been customers of cracker barrel for years, and enjoy it. Recently had breakfast there as we love the pancakes. Wife and I ordered pancakes and bacon, as that is all we wanted with coffee. It was good as usual. The cost was $29.00. The next time we will check the menue.

  15. Had takeout meal at Greenville,NC store not real busy but very loud(music). Simple meal of meatloaf, corn, mash potatoes with cornbread . Got home only one mile away food was cold and my cornbread was no where to be found, as that was not enough both my wife and I got sick with cramps had to be the food only thing we shared all day. Probably will be a long time before going back or a reccomendation to this store.

  16. Every few months, several members of our family will get together in Allen, Texas to see each other, so we go to our favorite place, Cracker Barrel. Breakfast is always great, but this time we met at 2:00 pm and most of us ordered lunch or dinner. Everything was pretty good, but the child’s burger was not edible. Bun was hard, meat, very greasy and thin, Colby cheese .50 extra, not good. Such a shame, this sweet little niece of mine could not enjoy her meal. We also noticed a meal was not ordered by us and returned, but the waitress did not removed it from our price. We did not notice the extra $10.49 cent meal until we were in the car on the way home. It was Fancy Fixin ChileJack. Will not go there for lunch again if they feel the Children’s Menu is not important.

  17. I ate at Hot Springs, Arkansas location. Food was great as was the service from Lexus. Will recommend to everyone. Thanks Lexus for the excellent service.

  18. Ate at Allen TX location today and sides were poor. Mashed potatoes not warm and steamed broccoli was old, brown spots and over cooked. The fried catfish was excellent and my husbands breakfast was very good. First time we’ve had bad food at this location. Our waitress was very attentive and good service. They were not busy at the time. Improvement needs to be made to make sure the food is
    hot and actually edible before placing on the table.

  19. We love to go to Cracker Barrel on Sunday after church. We don’t need a menu as we know what we already want. I am amazed that the food at all Cracker Barrel ‘ s taste the same like the green beans and the chicken and dumplings. So delicious. And the shopping is a plus .

  20. So excited that the Bend, Oregon Cracker Barrel finally opened. We’ve been waiting for months. Had to go on Wednesday to try the special of Chicken Pot Pie. It was yummy. My husband had the hamburger with the onion jam…..The service was great. The restaurant was hopping with people. We will go again. Love to eat out.

  21. Cracker Barrel is my restaurant of choice while on business travel. No surprises with the selection or taste of the food.

  22. My wife and I have been eating at C.B. for many years in Waco TX. and have always had great food and service. Now that a new restaurant ( C.B ) has opened in Hewitt TX. we now have two options for great C. B. food , now all we have to do is decide which direction we want to travel.

  23. Wife and I had great great service and breakfast at the Lawton, OK. Cracker Barrel. We would recommend it to anyone the want to enjoy a weekend time together.

  24. My family has been very happy with the consistent friendly down home atmosphere and food that we have grown to consider a home town like place to eat and shop for iteresting one of a kind things.

  25. Hi my husband and I along with 2 other couples visited your restaurant in Harlingen Tx today…..besides of the fact the noise level in there was terrible and we couldn’t have a decent visit, the service was terrible and the food wasn’t all that good either. Didn’t get all that you were suppose to get on our order….and some of it was cold….was too busy to have waiter take it back….all in all it wasn’t a good experience.

  26. Me & my family eat at CB several times a month. I have has some bad experiences here with my pancakes & hash browns being over cooked, so I make it a point to tell them how I expect both. Once we were seated ut took a very long time for our food for some reason. Our servers are always pretty good but this last time our server Hannah was extra awesome!! The best server by FAR! She was very attentive checking on us & refreshing our drinks.

  27. There were 4 people in our group. We were about the only ones in the restaurant at the time. It was about 9:00 AM. They took forever to bring coffee for everyone. The server took our order and later another person brought it out. My husband had the special. The eggs on his plate looked liked they were dumped there. Not a nice presentation. I ordered biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were hard and the gravy was cold and tasteless. The guys had to ask several times for coffee refills. It was not an enjoyable breakfast.

  28. Cracker Barrel is fairly new to my area(Panama City Fl) . After getting a few hiccups worked out we are happy to go to eat at CB. Last night 4/4/19 my husband and another couple and I went to CB around 4:00. We had the most delightful waiter named William, he was prompt, super personality and made us to feel we were the only table he had to take care of. We will always ask for William to wait on us.

  29. We visited the Cracker Barrel in Belton, MO. Our overall experience was excellent. We arrived to have brunch, no wait time, the place was clean, the staff, courteous & respectful, accommodating in every way! Our waitress was very good & there for our every need! The only complaint I had was about the merchandise available! I wanted 2 of a certain item for our granddaughters & there was only one of the item of the size needed. Otherwise, all would’ve been close to perfect!

  30. as we got to cracker barrel the staff was good and helpful Danielle the table server was very courteous very helpful on our selection of food. she deserves a great horra from old Veteran. An Outstanding job on her to keep the Customer Happy.

  31. Went to Cracker barrel on 4/7/19 the service wasn’t good it took 40min too receive food and once we tasted it was cold and bland the chicken and dumpling had no seasoning at all and the fried chicken was hard

  32. My wife and I went to the Cracker Barrel here in Panama City, Fl. this month this past Wednesday, the 24th of April. The staff was very nice, did not take long to get seated. I had the new fried chicken, and was over cooked, crust was hard, and too brown. I tried to specify what pieces of the chicken I wanted, and the waitress, said I could not do that because it was a new item on the menu.

  33. very unhappy with service.the resurant was emply wouldnt figure out where to sit me sat down waited over 5 to6 minute to service one family sat two table from of me they were servce by the way order drinklook like they ran next door to get my drink took em await they offer me bread never got it my second drink even took loner and to top it off there were only 3-4 table being service in other word the resurtant wasnt that packbenging a satureday evening

  34. Took my husband to cracker barrel this morning for breakfast. He loves to go there. It was really good and great people work there. We love the gift shop.

  35. Food was delicious and service wss great. This is my husband’s favorite place t eat. We go as often as we can.

  36. First time visiting, we had breakfast it was good pricey but good, I don’t care for grits myself but did notice almost all plates include it, overall I really like the place & food everyone very friendly fast service 👍🏼

  37. I was reluctant t try Cracker Barrel due to the kiosks in all the malls. As it turns out, we were pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and congeniality of our new CB in Beaverton, OR. not only was their newest menu item, Fried Chicken, the best I have ever had but the service was cracker jack!. Our waiter, Kevin, was super informative and made some great recommendations. After a great meal we had a slice of the Buttermilk Pie with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. It was a perfect end to a wonderful dinner. And the gift shop was great fun with many hard to get items. We can’t wait to go back and try something else! Ask for Kevin, he was great!

  38. First time.. food took about 30 mins. Stingy on their fries like if potatoes are running out. Food was good

  39. have been many times over the years and this was the best so far, it taken a little longer but the food was worth the wait and the waitress (JENNIFER) was the best waitress we have ever had very friendly and knowledgeable. Because of her we will be going back she said she works every Sunday we will plan on going on then

  40. went on 6/20/19 a Thursday, about 10am very busy. Waited 30 minutes, two adults two kids breakfast wasn’t that great cost $55.00. Staff was nice, but could have stayed closer to home for the food and price and been just as happy.

  41. Very disappointed. Have eaten at Cracker Barrel In Texas and the food was very good and filling. We were told by the Manager the recipes are different in the west because of higher costs. If something isn’t done out here in the West this Cracker Barrel will never make it in Bend, Oregon. The gravy had a funny taste, the sausage was just warmed up and dry and the bisquits weren’t quite done. All the recipes should be uniform. I can understand a differing menu but not the quality of food. We will try 1 more for dinner ,if not any better you have lost a customer and I am sure more will follow.

  42. I was visiting family in San Antonio and it was recommended that I visit this restaurant because the food was good. We were from Hawaii but I was raised in Texas and wasn’t expecting much of anything but a good meal. I was very pleased that my family had an extremely happy time and this was a highlight of the trip. The server was outstanding because of her attention to serve us as if we were the only ones in the restaurant and was very attentive on every need. She knew what was needed before we realized we needed it. She went above and beyond to care for my family to make this much more than just a sit down meal. We will gladly be returning to this same restaurant next summer for these reasons. Oh, and the food was definitely superior to other places I’ve visited.

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