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The survey is quick and easy and should just take a few minutes,

You’ll need some info from your Saks receipt to get started with the survey.

Sakes Store Survey support is available at

Click the button at the top of the page to begin the Saks Store Survey.



Giving a store some insightful thoughts on how a visit went is never a bad idea. For instance, if everything was up to par you always want to share that information. Why? To make sure things keep going smoothly at future visits!

In addition to positive feedback, you should ALWAYS let a store know when they missed the mark. Have an awful encounter with an employee? Unhappy with the cleanliness of the dressing rooms? Be sure to let Saks know! If you want to see improvement at your next visit a little constructive criticism can go a LONG way.!


Saks Store Survey – How To Begin

  1. Enter the Saks store number in the first field
  2. Next enter the transaction number otherwise known as the TRN
  3. Once you enter both the store number and TRN type in the register number
  4. Double check your information is correct than click the Begin Survey tab

By the way, you can pull up a sample image of a Saks store receipt to find out where all of the above information is located. In order to do so, click the question mark icon at the top of the page. An image will appear the will provide the location of all the information you need to begin the Saks store survey.

If you’re having problems completing the survey take a peak at the support link found at the bottom of the survey for help. Additionally, you can also review the privacy policy at the bottom of


4 thoughts on “Saks Store Survey – Take Customer Feedback Survey”

  1. Mr. Ladji at the Ladies Shoe Department on the 8th floor was such a wonderful SA. I am a regular customer at Sak’s Fifth on 5th Ave in Manhattan but this is the first time I encountered such a helpful SA.
    He did everything to make my shopping experience a pleasant one. He is an asset to the Store.

  2. Josephine no 9 working at register no 9 at cosmetics section was so nice and friendly that makes me go back to shop with her, a pleasure to get to know her.

  3. Gina at Sarasota Saks La Prairie is, and always has been, amazing to work with! I have known her for over 10 years and she is consistently knowledgeable and professional and PATIENT!! She is a true asset to the Saks team.


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