– Request Your Lost Points!

Forgot to scan your Chick-fil-A One App??  No Problem!

  • Can I still record my points?  Yes!  Just fill out an online request form
  • What do I need?  Please have a copy of your receipt at hand
  • Does this cost anything?  No!  The service is absolutely FREE
  • Do I need a code?  Nope.  Just complete the form and you’re all set
Did you forget to scan your Chick-fil-A One app?

Every so often we like to dabble in the world of special offers.  So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can recover points lost from forgetting to scan your Chick-fil-A One App.  In what has to be to the delight of many, Chick-fil-A is now offering a request form at where you can earn back lost points.  However, you’ll first need to login to your account before you can complete your request.

This is awesome!  Please tell me more! 

  • You will need information from your purchase receipt to recover the points
  • This is for when you forget to scan your QR code when ordering at the restaurant
  • Please note you’ll need to state your ordering method (drive thru or counter??)
  • Does not apply to orders via the Chick-fil-A One App (those points are automatic)
  • Watch a tutorial video of the process here:

Once logged in, you can complete the form and earn your missed points (it should take less than a minute!). In addition to logging in with your normal credentials, you can also use social media to bring up the points request form.  In order to do so, just click one of the tabs located above the login fields.

Overall Freshness Rating:  4 Slices (Fresh Out the Oven!!)

  • 4 slices is a rare sight, but we are a forgetful bunch that loves Chick-fil-A!
  • The fact this can be done in a matter of seconds doesn’t hurt either
  • FREE is always good (unless we’re talking about sugar free soda)

By the way, if you forgot your password on top of forgetting to scan, you’ll need to enter your email address to begin the account recovery.  Once you’ve entered your email address you’ll receive a reset link via email where you can restore your account access.

Reclaim those points!

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