MyZaxbysFeedback Survey – Special Offer & Code Entry


Zaxby’s is now offering customers a chance to claim a special offer by taking the My Zaxby’s Feedback Survey. In order to get started you’ll need your purchase receipt and a live internet connection. Once you’ve got both handy enter the code from your receipt to begin providing feedback. Please note that the code is 15 digits in length and located near the bottom of the receipt.

By the way, you can also take the My Zaxbys Feedback Survey in Spanish by clicking the link found at Upon completion of the survey you’ll receive the offer in your Zaxby’s account.


Things to Check Out Before Taking the MyZaxbysFeedback Survey

  • The survey provides an accessibility friendly version through the link at the top of the start screen
  • You can change languages from English to Spanish before starting with your feedback
  • The Terms of Service are posted at the bottom of
  • In addition to the Terms of Service the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy


MyZaxbysFeedback Survey Final Review 


It’s always nice to receive a reward with no questions asked after completing a survey. While some survey promotions give customers a CHANCE at winning a reward through a sweepstakes, the My Zaxby’s Feedback Survey gives participants the offer with no if ands or buts. Something that’s always a great incentive for taking a few minutes out of your day.

However, there is one thing we don’t like about the structure of the promotion and that’s the Zaxby’s account situation. Let’s face it, many people have a natural reluctance when it comes to signing up for a new online account. If the offer was available regardless of whether or not you had a Zaxby’s account this would score higher. Therefore, the promotion falls just short of our perfect rating.


Overall Rating: 3 Slices out of 4



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