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My Live Experience SMG Survey

  • You’ll need a 20 digit code to start the survey
  • The survey provides a copy of its Terms and Privacy Policy
  • You can launch the survey in both English and Spanish

If you’ve visited a restaurant recently there’s a chance you may have been invited to divulge a few thoughts on how it went.  For example, one way you may have been asked to do this is through the My Live Experience SMG Custer Survey.  In order to launch the survey, you’ll first need to enter the code shown on your receipt.  Next, click the Start button to begin answering questions.  Please be advised that the code you’ll need to begin the survey is 20 digits in length.

More on the My Live Experience SMG Survey

  • The survey is administered by SMG (Service Management Group)
  • It appears this may not be for any specific establishment (multiple?)
  • You can take the survey in both English and Spanish (always nice!)

While on the topic of languages, it should be pointed out that you’ll need to click the Español link to change from English to Spanish.  Likewise, you can click the English link to switch back (maybe you’re Spanish wasn’t as good as you thought it was!).

By the way, if you have concerns about how your information may be used, go ahead and click the Privacy Policy link located at the bottom of the survey (it never hurts to know this information).  Additionally, you can click the Terms of Service link for more information (just like the Privacy Policy, it’s also located smack-dab at the bottom of the page).

Ready to start the survey?  –

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