Make it Possible With Pro Plan & Win! Petco Sweepstakes

  • The promotion consists of a Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game
  • Participants can redeem a $10 gift card offer from Petco
  • Participants can review Frequently Asked Questions

Purina has released a new promotion that is sure to take pet owners everywhere by storm.  The Purina Pro Plan Possibilities promotion is almost here (as in less than 5 days) and is set to award 1 lucky Grand Prize winner with a trip to the bustling metropolis of New York City.  In addition to the trip to NYC, participants will also have a shot at winning one the available First or Second Prize gift cards.  Interested folks can begin by filling out the entry form located at  Upon entry, participants will receive an entry to both the sweepstakes and Instant Win Game portion of the promotion.

Wait a minute!  Aren’t there any rules I should know about?

  • The promotion only takes entries between October 15th and December 1st
  • The 20 First Place prizes each award a gift card to Petco valued at $50
  • The 75 Second Place pries each award a Petco gift card worth $25
  • Participants can make 1 entry for both the sweeps and Instant Win

The promotion has posted a full copy of the Official Rules at the bottom of the online entry page (just click to read!).  In addition the Official Rules, the sweepstakes also offers a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  While on the topic of FAQs, participants can review them by clicking the link posted to the right of the Official Rules.

Make Saving Possible with Pro Plan’s Petco Offer

  • Customers must purchase $40 or more in qualifying products from Petco
  • The receipt can be uploaded at the entry page to receive a $10 gift card
  • Participants can earn additional gift cards by purchasing more products
  • Participants will receive the gift cards within 8 to 10 weeks of submission

It’s worth mentioning that the promotion offers additional bonus entries to the sweepstakes.  However, participants can only earn these bonus entries by sharing the promotion on Twitter, watching a video, or by visiting the Purina Pro Shop.  Additionally, each of the bonus entries methods will award only award one extra entry to the sweepstakes.  If all three bonus entries are completed 3 additional entries can be received.

Promotion Sponsor

  • Nestlé Purina Pet Care Company
  • 1 Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO 63164

Entry & Rules

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