Journie Feedback Survey For Bonus Points


Looking to give your Journie Rewards account a nice little boost? We’ve got you covered. Right now Journie Brands is offering its loyal rewards customers a chance to earn bonus points through the quick online survey located at

But is it worth the time? We’ll discuss that further in our final review but to put it simply, YES. Now let’s find out how to complete the survey and score those bonus points.


How To Take the Journie Feedback Survey


In order to launch the survey simply visit Next you’ll need to answer a series of questions related to your recent visit at a Journie location. These are listed as a rating scale so if you were expecting multiple choice, better luck next time. Anyways, go through all of the questions and at the end of the survey you’ll be hooked up with those juicy bonus points.

By the way, you can review the Journie Feedback Survey’s terms and privacy information at the bottom of the start page. Additionally, the survey is available in both French or English.


Journie Feedback Survey Final Thoughts & Review


Some surveys offer customers a chance to join a sweepstakes. Others provide coupons for savings at a future visit. While these are both great incentives, we prefer a GUARENTEED perk. One that requires no spending on behalf of the customer.

Safe to say this survey blows it out of the water in this area. For just a few minutes of time you’ll get bonus points loaded straight onto your Journie Rewards account. And the cherry on top? You can complete the feedback process in a mere matter of minutes.


Final Rating: 4/4 



Look For the Survey at These Journie Rewards Locations 



A retail gas station with headquarters located in Ontario. The brand was founded in 1956 by Murray Hogarth and is currently expanding throughout the Atlantic Canada region.

Fas Gas

The brand has grown to more than 200 stations located throughout Western Canada. Like all the brands associated with the Journie Feedback Survey, Fas Gas is owned by parent company Parkland.

Ultra Mar

Headquartered in Montreal, Ultra Mar boasts a whopping 900 plus locations on it resume. Additionally, the brand has 187 truck stop facilities and provides home heating series to over 160,000 households.


Last but certainly not least, we have a U.S. gas industry titan. Chevron is one of the largest oil companies on earth and has over 7,000 gas stations located throughout the United States. With that kind of coverage, it’s only a matter of WHEN (not if) you’ll come across this brand.

But why is this brand listed on a Canadian survey? Turns out that Parkland now owns all Chevron locations in Canada. So don’t be fooled by the name, Journie Feedback rewards apply for these locations as well.


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