Get the Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word & Win Stacks of Cash!

  • Participants can enter the competition by phone, text, or online
  • The competition provides a copy of its Terms and Conditions
  • There is prize winner for each day of the competition

Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word

Thanks to Channel 7, the possibility of a quick injection of cold hard cash is something many Australians look forward to each morning.  However, participants will first need to get their hands on the daily Sunrise Cash Cow code word in order to enter the competition.  Fortunately, viewers can do this by tuning into Sunrise each morning Monday through Friday.  During the airing, the show will provide a code word and invite viewers to enter the Sunrise Cash Cow competition.  Once the viewer secures the code word they can either call, text, or use their mobile phone to enter online.

What should I do after I receive the Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word?

  • Viewers can call 1902 55 77 07 and enter with a name, address, and daytime phone number
  • The competition also provides text message entry at 19 777 077  (provide the same information)
  • Participants can enter online by using their smart phone to navigate to
  • Please note that there are small charges associated with all three types of entry methods

Once the entry is completed the participant will have a chance to win a MINIMUM of $10,000 for the day the Sunrise Cash Cow code word was aired.  However, the winner only gets the jackpot if they pick up the phone when called.  In the event the winner doesn’t answer, they will only receive $500 and jackpot will go to the next call (in other words, DON’T LET THAT PHONE OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!).

Overall Freshness Rating:  4 Slices (Fresh Out the Oven!)

  • A contest that awards a $10,000 jack pot daily is one worthy of our highest honors
  • The fact that this is an ongoing event makes it even more worthwhile (staying power!)
  • This is certainly a slice of “Competition” Pie that calls for multiple helpings

It should be pointed out that the winner must answer the call within 3 rings to receive the jackpot.  Additionally, the winner must speak to the hosts as part of the live call and confirm their identity (claim that jackpot with confidence!).  Viewers can get the full details of the prizes by calling Channel 7 (02 8777 7777 in Sydney, 03 9697 7777 in Melbourne, 08 8342 7777 in Adelaide, 07 3369 7777 in Brisbane, and 08 9344 0777 in Perth).

Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word Competition Promoter

  • Seven Network
  • 38-42 Pirrama Road
  • Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Terms & Conditions of the Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word Competition

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