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Here at “The Pie” we’re all HUGE fans of the occasional quiet Friday night on the couch watching My Lottery Dream Home on HGTV.  That said, one could only imagine our excitement when learning the show has released it’s very own SWEEPSTAKES (for those who didn’t know that’s kind of our thing).  So without further ado, let’s take a look!

Those who wish to get in on the sweet action can begin by going to the online registration page and entering an email address.  Once the participant enters their email address they can move on to the brief entry form to complete registration.  Upon registration the participant will receive 1 entry to the Weekly Prize drawing along with 1 entry to the Grand Prize drawing.

HGTV Mediacom My Lottery Dream Home Sweepstakes Prizes

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive a check for a whopping $10,000 (not too shabby)
  • There is a total of 6 Weekly Prizes each of which are a check to the winner for $1,000
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all prizes available is $16,000 (just do the math!)
  • The sweepstakes carries over entries that don’t win into the next weekly entry period
  • Participants can enter to win one of these prizes online at www.hgtv.com/mediacom

While it’s certainly not the longest running promotion out there, the My Lottery Dream Home Sweepstakes does last over a month.  Participants can begin entering on February 11th, 2019 and can continue to do so until March 22nd, 2019.  By the way, participants can come back each day to enter again as there is a limit of 1 entry per day per person.

Overall Freshness Rating:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window)

  • The fact that it’s associated with such a great show provides a very high floor
  • A sweepstakes that allows for multiple entries is always one worth considering
  • We would like to see higher prize values (could use a bit more “lottery” feel)

While the sweepstakes draws the Weekly Prize winners after each entry period, it saves the Grand Prize drawing for around March 25th, 2019.  Additionally, the winners will forfeit their prize if they do not respond to the notice within 3 days (so be on the ball and claim your prize!).

Those who want to stay in touch with the sweepstakes can click the social media tabs located at the top of the online entry page.

HGTV Mediacom My Lottery Dream Home Sweepstakes Sponsor

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