Enter Coke Play to Win Auntie Anne’s Birthday Giveaway

Auntie Anne’s Birthday Giveaway

  • Consists of both a Sweepstakes and an Instant Win Game
  • Over 250 total prizes are up for grabs (1 Sweepstakes Prize)
  • Sweepstakes winner will be drawn at the end of the giveaway
  • The sponsor of this must enter sweepstakes is Coke (i.e. Coca- Cola Company)

Anytime a company celebrates a birthday one has to be on red alert in anticipation of a new sweepstakes.  An example of such a birthday celebration can be found in the recently opened Auntie Anne’s Birthday Giveaway.  The pretzel chain appears to be doing things right as the promotion consists of BOTH a Sweepstakes portion and Instant Win Game portion with a total of 251 prizes available overall.  Those who wouldn’t mind taking home one of those prizes (let’s just say they are VERY “tasty” prizes indeed) can begin the online registration process by going to www.cokeplaytowin.com/auntieannes to complete the available entry form.

Taking a Birthday Cake Sized Slice out of the Rules

  • Runs for right around 2 months beginning June 11th, 2018 and ending on August 12th
  • The Sweepstakes Prize is a year’s worth of pretzels, five t-shirts, and one fanny pack
  • Each of the 250 Instant Win Game prizes consist of a free pretzel card and a t-shirt
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all the available prizes adds up to $3,595.00
  • Participants can enter once a day for BOTH the Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game

After successfully completing the online entry form 1 Instant Win Game play and 1 entry to the Sweepstakes will be received.  Instant Win Game prizes will be awarded instantly (hence the name INSTANT WIN) while the Sweepstakes Prize will be decided by a random drawing held on or around August 13th, 2018.  Those who are coming back to make another entry (might as well take full advantage of the one per day limit!) can do so by clicking the Already Registered? link at www.cokeplaytowin.com/auntieannes.

Overall Freshness Rating

2 Slices (Room Temperature)

The Auntie Anne’s Birthday Giveaway offers much promise as it combines the excitement of an Instant Win Game with the “edge of your seat” anticipation that only a Sweepstakes can offer.  However, the overall value of the prizes being awarded keeps this one at a comfortable room temperature level of freshness.

Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • One Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30313


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