BestBuyCanadaCares Survey for $1,000 Gift Card

BestBuyCanadaCares!  Let’s Find Out How Much.

You can now take a short online survey for a chance to win a $1,000 Best Buy gift card (take a moment to fathom how many gadgets you could buy with that!).

Whether you speak English or French, Best Buy wants your opinion.  Just click the appropriate language link at the beginning of the survey.

Once you’re finished giving feedback you’ll be allowed to enter a sweepstakes.

Winners of the sweepstakes get that juicy $1,000 gift card.

Opinions welcome at

Could you use a new smart phone?  How about a new line up of video games?  If you are vigorously nodding your head “yes” to these hard-hitting questions, take a look at the BestBuyCanadaCares Survey.  In order to begin, enter the information shown on your receipt (there’s 3 groups so make sure you enter ALL of them!).

BestBuyCanadaCares Sweepstakes 

  • Once again the sweepstakes runs ALL YEAR LONG (nice to have a reliable friend)
  • The sweepstakes runs four times per year (a nice little quarterly rotation)
  • Each of the sweepstakes will award a total of 3 $1,000 Best Buy gift cards
  • “Pie in the Sky” Daily Tip – Don’t stall!  Your receipt is only good for 30 days
  • Looking to increase your odds?  Don’t bother!  You can only enter once per period

By thew way, you’re gonna need to jump through a few hopes if you end up being selected as a potential winner.  For starters, you’ll need to respond to the winning notification within 48 hours (seems easy but could prove troublesome for those who don’t like checking the ole’ email inbox).  As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also need to take one of those pesky math quizzes. UGH.  Finally, there’s some declarative paperwork you’ll need to sign.  To read more about all of these, click the Official Rules link at the survey.

BestBuyCanadaCares Sweepstakes Overall Rating:  3 Slices (Cooling in the Window Sill)

The prizes alone make this one worthy of CLOSE attention.

The quarterly entry periods will leave you hungry for another slice.

Ultimately, this falls short of that 4 slice rating due to the lack of multiple entries per period.

Finally, you should be aware that you can enter the BestBuCanadaCares Sweepstakes without taking the survey.  Simply jot your name, address, and email address and send it to the below address!

BestBuyCanadaCares Sweepstakes Mail Entries

  • 8800 Glenlyon Parkway
  • Burnaby, BC, V5J 5K3


Still hungry?  Take the “KFL Pulse” Survey!


27 thoughts on “BestBuyCanadaCares Survey for $1,000 Gift Card”

  1. We had the nicest cashier that I’ve ever dealt with. Corah was her name and within a matter of 10 minutes was able to do what we couldn’t do on our first visit back after purchasing our Ipad Air 3 64G the previous week. I will definitely be spending more at Best Buy mainly because of Corah and I’m certain that all your staff is as pleasant, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to please the customer.

  2. I would to like to thank you to Carlos ” Santana” for his assistance in setting up my new phone. Hi was very patient extremely helpful in showing me all of the functions. You have a great employee who has a terrific personality and made feel comfortable in asking questions .Thank you Daly Kennedy

  3. I would like to compliment the staff at Dartmouth Crossing, in particular the Floor Manager, Shannon, we returned 2 Apple watches we received in error (no charge), returned them to the store as we knew there was a shipping error. Shannon said it was the first time in her 14 years she had seen this, upon her checking your inventory did show short 2 watches, Shannon was very helpful & professional, we did accept a Shredder, we said that was not necessary but did eventually accept it. You have a great Manager with her.
    Thank You
    Best Buy

  4. I purchase two laptop in the store and the staff who help me with all process was Harsh. He did his best for me to be satisfied with the product and I really like the service Best BUY has. Thank you

  5. It’s a nice place to buy tablets. I was also satisfied the way I was attended to by Omar one of the employee I met there.

  6. Today I went to buy certain things, i want to mention that the person who dealt with us, Jashan consumed so much of knowledge and he was so much humble as well as polite.

  7. je très satisfait du service de Aziz pour ses conseille et les renseignements pour l’achat
    du portable.
    Merci bestbuy et à monsieur Aziz pour les bon conseille.

  8. I got a unique customer service team at one of your stores precisely at Bramalea City Centre which made me to purchase appliances worth of $11500 cash. Because of the way this staff approached me to ask how she may help me and took me round to explain things to me in detail, I was able to spend that much.

    Thank you Best Buy for employing the best team to do the best job!

  9. We bought a 55” tv and a tv stand and had a great sales clerk in Nicholas, we purchased these items at the Victoria St, Whitby location, thank you Nicholas for the awesome service.

  10. I spent seven hours trying to deal with Best Buy and could not even phone the local store anymore due to new rules. So I had to drive 12 km to the store to ask simple questions (so much for climate change). I phoned the number I was told to call three times and the phone disconnected three times after an hour long wait each time (was obviously deliberate-never even spoke to anyone). So, I asked to speak to the Best Buy manager in the Victoria, BC store, Barnabas Arabambi and he was excellent. The company may not care about customers as is evident by things not allowing calls any more but he was more than helpful. He went out of his way to address my problems and as a result I bought a new computer which I had no intention to do after the way I had been treated throughout the seven hour ordeal. He is excellent and very helpful but the disrespect of the customer presumably results from corporate culture and the desire to make more and more money by providing less and less. Anyway, the only reason I am doing any business with your company is because of Barnabas/. If I am treated as I was before I spoke to him and if you insist on forcing me to damage the environment and waste my time driving to ask if there is a battery there for my computer I will not buy another computer, or anything else from your company. Thank you.


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